Studio Pottery

a range suitable for beginner, amateur and advanced learners

Our Ceramic Studio offers a range of workshops and courses in Studio Pottery that cover all the fundamentals. Here, we teach you how to use the pottery wheel, make and apply glazes, and add designs to the surface of your pottery through various wheel pottery and hand-building techniques. Our course is great for anyone who wants to learn how to make their own functional and decorative pottery pieces. With guidance from experienced potters, you’ll get hands-on experience turning clay into finished works of art.


2-Hour Wheel Pottery Session

Experiment with wheel pottery in a short 2 – hour session designed for
beginners to experience the craft.

2-Day Mural Making

Learn basic hand-building tools to create a four-tile mural that you can
use for wall decor.

2-Day Architectural Forms

Learn basic hand-building tools to create small architectural forms and
sculptures fortable decor.

10-Day Handbuilding Basics

Learn the basics of all hand-building techniques in this course taught by experienced studio potters.

10-Day Wheel Basics

Learn the basics of all wheel pottery techniques in this course taught by experienced studio potters.

Beginner Courses

3-Month Handbuilding

Start with the basics of handbuilding pottery and master your skills through projects that challenge you to use handbuilding in innovative ways.

3-Month Wheel Pottery

Learn centering and throwing from the beginning and create a range of your own pots and products on the ceramic wheel.

3-Month Combo

Combine handbuilding and wheel pottery to learn the fundamentals of
both and create your own range of ceramic products

6-Month Studio Pottery

Go from a beginners level to an advanced level in this 6-month studio
pottery course that teaches you hand building wheel pottery, glazing,
kiln firing and more.

Advanced Courses

3-month Advanced Glazing

Conduct a line blend test series and explore underglaze and overglaze
techniques with experimental projects in ceramics.

3-month Advanced Studio Pottery

Dive deeperinto the design process to create advanced level products
in ceramics using handbuilding and wheel pottery.

3-Month Clay Body, Slip and Coloured Clay

Learn about different clay bodies, slip decoration and coloured clay
through a range of experimental projects.

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