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A Quick Guide to Finding Temp Jobs When You Go to College

Many students, while studying in college, look forward to getting into a part-time job or internship. Working in one gives you the opportunity to gain professional experience and earn money to support yourself (a little). The idea is absolutely brilliant, provided you’re able to balance it with your college and a different lifestyle, without buying yourself out. Below are a few pointers to guide you towards getting a job or an internship as a newbie.

When to start?

When you go to a college abroad, it is not just the college that is new, it is the entire living situation that is new. New place, new friends, new environment, new education system coupled with daily chores that you now need to manage by yourself. We always recommend that you start looking for temp jobs / internships once you’ve settled down and are a little more comfortable with your new routine. This should help you manage stress and unnecessary anxiety. You’re not in a race with anybody. If other students around you have already started looking and are already doing a job / internship, that’s good for them! Realise what is right for you and when it is right for you. There’s no need to rush.

Where to Look?

Colleges abroad have support services within college to help you find internships and temp jobs. Before you look out, check if your own college has job board / website that can help you find some opportunities.

Alternatively, in the developed markets, there are several websites and apps that can help you find a temp job. These could be for jobs in the creative fields or outside of it too.

What to look for?

Internships in the creative sector can often be unpaid or may have a small stipend. Temp jobs may not be related to the creative sector at all but may pay a little more than internships and may also be easier to find.

Identify what is your priority – experience or money? And filter your search options accordingly. It is rare that you find a well paying internship / temp job especially as a fresher. With a couple of years in college and a resume that boasts better skills than a fresher, your chances to get a well paying temp job / internship in the creative sector are better.

How to prep for these jobs?

To be able to get a job, you need to stand out. Even if it is for a temp job / internship. Identify the skills that are required for the job / internship you are applying for. Build your CV / Resume specific to each of them and don’t use the same CV / Resume for each opportunity you apply for.

If there is going to be an interview, research well about the company, the brand, their projects and their people. The more you know, the better. Your knowledge will help you build confidence and that will immediately reflect in your interview, leaving a lasting impression.

Some of the temp-jobs you apply for may require some training or briefing. If you are applying for such jobs, note down all details of the training sessions and ensure that you pay attention. In certain temp jobs, you get awarded more shifts and opportunities if you get good reviews from your temp employer.

Finding a temp job / internship is a time consuming process. It might not come by in your first try and that’s okay. Be patient and persistent and something will come by. Nevertheless, there’s plenty to explore in a new environment and that’s a learning if its own kind. Push yourself to walk around, visit new spaces, museums, galleries, events etc. and soak in everything that your city or your environment has to offer to you!


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