You can learn to draw even if you can’t really draw a straight line right now

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“Everytime there’s someone who doesn’t believe us when we say we can teach drawing to anyone, we tell them to give us half an hour of your time for a trial. Then we let them decide for themselves”, says Shalu – the Director of Art and Design. At Uno Lona, nobody associates the ability to draw with talent- rather, it is considered as constant practice. “It is similar to how you need constant practice to improve a shot in cricket” added Shalu.


It does not really stop at drawing. The basic program – Foundation in Visual Arts – at the academy teaches you a minimum of 9 different drawing, sketching and painting mediums! The reason it perfect and suitable for anyone and everyone, is that you never join a batch. You learn art or design on a one-to-one basis with the faculty and move at your own pace. If you wish to spend more time drawing – you can! If you wish to spend more time painting – you can! “If you ask us to teach students in a batch, we probably won’t be able to- that is because we have never done that! There may be ten students in the studio at a time and all of them would be doing something different” says Shalu.


Every person is individualistic in nature and it is equally important to teach every person, individually.  The philosophy of our academy is built on the very same thought.  Your life is YOUR canvas, you have this one canvas to create your own life and draw your own experiences. “Our ultimate goal is not to teach art or design, it is to make sure that our students become independent thinkers and confident people” says Harsimran, Director of Academics.


Art is very similar to a language. Just like how you start learning a language from alphabets and progressively move on to making sentences, in art you learn basic drawing and progress towards learning different elements and principles of art and design. The pedagogical approach adopted by us towards teaching enables us to assure value learning in art and design- however it is not rigid.  The curriculum may have additions on a quarterly, sometimes, even on a weekly basis. This kind of openness and flexibility allows us to cater to each student individually and assure that we move ahead with the world.


The studio space at our academy is the real catalyst to an enhanced learning experience. “The studio is really like your personal home space. You can play your own music, enjoy the experience, learn from other students around you and communicate with anyone. That freedom is extremely vital for our learning process”, added Harsimran.


We encourage you to give your creative self a chance to explore. More information about our academy and our courses is available on our website –