Top 10 Art Universities for Budding Artists

Choosing right University - by Uno Lona Academy for art education

Choosing right University - by Uno Lona Academy for art education

For centuries, international art universities have lured Art students from India with their attractive programmes and when it comes to American and European universities, the pull becomes even stronger. However, due to the information overload, it becomes difficult to process. Apart from the programme itself, factors like campus, career prospects, language and country should be considered before one dedicates the best years of one’s life to an institution. Based on these parameters, we have come up with a list (dominated by British and US Universities) of art universities that we feel are best of the lot and most suitable for Indian students.


These art universities boast of alumni and staff comprising Nobel laureates, influential artists, leaders, and pioneers of change. Apart from this, some of the most coveted offices in the world are occupied by the alumni of these institutions. Backed with a strong foundation and notable history, these art universities are responsible for a number of innovations and discoveries in the field of Arts. However, what is truly commendable is that most of these colleges offer interdisciplinary programs, which boost the critical thinking skills of its students; that are essential for bringing about a change in the world.  It would not be an exaggeration if we say that the students of these art universities shape the world we live in.


  1. Royal College of Arts, UK: Providing postgraduate courses in fine arts, applied arts, humanities, and communication, Royal College of Arts has been home to some of the pioneers in this field. Project-based and face-to-face education is what the Royal College of Arts believes in.
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Known for its pioneering research and innovations, MIT offers a stupendous course in Arts, that we think, remains unparalleled around the world. Bringing cross-disciplinary education to the forefront, MIT has gifted the world a number of discoveries in the fields of science, technology, and arts.
  3. Parsons School of Art, Design, History, and Theory (ADHT): ADHT provides exemplary courses in Arts that prepare its students for the challenges of the future, and strive to bring about a sustainable change for the betterment of the world.
  4. Rhode Island School of Design: With 19 different programs to choose from, RISD attracts more than 2,300 new entrants every year, and remains one of the oldest and most sought-after Universities around the world.
  5. Pratt Institute: Being located in vicinity of New York, Pratt institute has the advantage of a modern outlook towards art. Pratt’s interdisciplinary curriculum promotes collaborative and creative strategies for design thinking, and provides students a broader playfield for practising art forms
  6. University of Arts, London (UAL): This University brings under its roof, six notable colleges. With professional artists, designers and critics among the staff, the students of UAL get a unique perspective of their discipline.
  7. Politecnico di Milano: The Politecnico is considered as a meeting point for diverse cultures combining architectural and artistic studies characterized by creativity and accompanied by the study of form problems making the academics more relevant.
  8. School Of The Art Institute, Chicago (SAIC): A leader in educating world’s influential artists, SAIC has harbored notable alumni such as Michelle Grabner, David Sedaris, Elizabeth Murray, Richard Hunt, Georgia O’Keeffe, Cynthia Rowley, Nick Cave, Jeff Koons, and LeRoy Neiman. The work of these artists speaks volumes of the education they received at SAIC.
  9. University of California Los Angeles (UCLA): UCLA is another University that provides aspiring artists a chance to hone their skills and excel in their field through a range of specifically designed courses to cater to the artists of tomorrow.
  10. Stanford University: Offering a number of courses in Arts and Art history, Stanford has remained a major attraction for students for over a century. A little attention goes a long way in bringing out the best in a student. Therefore personal attention is what Stanford takes pride in and offers a 1:4 faculty-student ratio.


Though these are the Universities which generally come up in the top ten- in terms of the ranking, we are sure there are much more on the list that can hone an artist and shape the thoughts. Feel free to write to us and have an art counselling session with us!