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Glass Work - UnoLona Academy for Art Studies

Many artists perceive a sheet of glass as an open invitation to display their dexterity on its surface, whether plain or textured, water-like or coloured and the scope of this element, is limitless. Testimonies to this fact are exhibited across structures that stand narrating history all across the world. One of the most beautiful architectural ornaments, glasswork can be seen beautifying structures like Leipzig in Germany and Preston Bradley Hall in Chicago. But perhaps the most controversial one is the Louvre Pyramid.
The process of creating a piece of art from glass could be immensely satisfying; especially because of the precision required in it and learning it can prove to be a source of joy. A number of art academies offer courses related to this subject.

Staining / Painting:

For those experimenting with this art form for the very first time, it would be advisable to start with basic staining and painting. This will allow them to familiarize themselves with different forms of materials and tools that are used while working on glass.


Glass Work - Students work at UnoLona Academy for Art Studies

Glass Studio:

Working in a glass studio allows an artist to practice every step involved in glass work — designing, tracing, cutting, grinding, foiling, soldering and framing. The students should ideally undertake a couple of projects which would enable the students to apply their newly learnt skills. The students can also learn the contemporary style of glass work immortalized by Tiffany in the late nineteenth and the early twentieth century.


Glass Work - Students work at UnoLona Academy for Art Studies


Engraving glass is another skill-set that any artist would be proud to possess. This process is comparatively easier to learn and all one needs is basic drawing skills and some tools (burrs, abrasives and polishers), to arm himself/herself with.


Glass Work - Students work at UnoLona Academy for Art Studies

We, at ULA, offer courses in all the above mentioned techniques, the details of which can be accessed at

Glass is infamous for its fragility. Nevertheless, deft craftsmanship can result in art work that stands both; the brutality of nature and the spite nurtured by the deep recesses of a human mind.