Pre-College Programs for a Career in Art or Design

Pre-College Programs That Can Help You Build a Career in Art or Design

Art is the voice of the innermost secrets; both breathtaking and devastating. Art is thus the reprieve to the most complex of nature’s creations, the human mind. And it is from these recesses of the mind that imagination is born. Imagination is the caterpillar that transforms in to the butterfly called idea. When this colorful butterfly flies, it creates marvels that have kept astonishing the world since humans started walking on two legs.

The importance of studying art or design can, therefore, never be overestimated. And it needs to start early. The imagination of a young child flies the highest and the earlier one gets a chance to nurture one’s creativity, the better.


Students work at UnoLona Academy for Art Studies


On the middle and high school levels, art mostly gets suffocated because of several reasons. However, various art academies, have been relentlessly working towards providing a place where creative minds can be nurtured. Students get to explore their ideas and the mediums that grip their fancy.  In such nooks, an individual can experiment with mediums, materials, tools, colors, forms, expression and effect.

Undertaking courses in such institutions, therefore, can help students carve out their individuality and at the same time get familiarized with various art forms. This proves as an advantage when they choose a career in art or design.


Students work at UnoLona Academy for Art Studies


Indian and international institutions have a different set of requirements from prospective students. The students thus need to be clear about their choice of universities and accordingly, prepare for them. Here’s how you could segregate your preparation by opting for programs that offer similar structures.

Note – Course titles here are used as offered by Uno Lona Academy. They may vary with each academy.

  1. Art Portfolio Building (For Universities Abroad):

Universities abroad wish to see the student as a creative individual. Through a student’s portfolio, they try to gain an insight into his/her cultural background, beliefs and values. Versatility, in such organizations, is highly valued. Therefore, in this program, the focus should be on flexibility and build up a student’s individuality

As a student, you should get to explore material, enhance your visualization, study art history, and attend interdisciplinary sessions that help in the application of your learnings.


Students work at UnoLona Academy for Art Studies


  1. Foundation in Design (For Universities in India):

Admissions in Indian colleges (NID and NIFT are the two most sought-after colleges for this discipline) rely on entrance examinations that test Mathematics, Language, Logical Reasoning, Design Aptitude and Creative Ability. The test is then followed by either an interview or submission of a portfolio.

To prepare the students in these areas, your program should cover sessions for fundamentals of design that includes understanding and application of the elements and principles of design, amongst many other aspects. You should get to learn about all disciplines of design under this program through practice assignments in order to trigger your interests and likings.



No person is weird and no idea is bizarre. Your uniqueness is valued and freedom of expression appreciated. And therefore, in such programs, the end goal should not be to just secure admission in the best of colleges; rather, to focus on development as an independent creative individual.