Learn the elements of art, drawing techniques and more to lay a strong foundation for drawing and sketching!


There is a fine line separating art and skill. Nevertheless, the journey of an artist starts with learning a few basic skills. These elementary skills help strengthen the foundation for both; the ones who would want to continue their journey into the realms of art and the ones who would be satisfied with the application of a few basic steps in their daily lives. One such skill that can easily be mastered, if people devote a few dedicated hours to its practice along with a little patience, is drawing.


We bring to your electronic devices, an online program that will enable you to master the use of pencil at the comfort of your home and the convenience of working on your own time.


This program, Basics in Drawing and Sketching covers introductory concepts like elements of art, still-life drawing, compositions, measurements, and proportions along with conducting exercises that help hone a students’ observation and boost confidence in his/her hand movements.


Here’s what you will be able to do at the end of this course:


  1. Improve your observation – a major key to mastering drawing
  2. Develop your own creative drawing process – and hence draw with more confidence
  3. Create illusions of complex objects or landscapes on paper – using all concepts together.


When it comes to people, we love eclectic mixes. We believe these mixes work as catalysts in the learning process and therefore, anybody (from individuals who wish to use their time productively and develop a new hobby to students who wish to pursue a career in art and design) can join this program.


Coming back to drawing, it is said that a drawing is an illusion that depicts reality. For a person’s dreams, swevens and imaginations are as real as landscapes around us. And the best of drawings are the ones that give a true representation of an artist’s vision. However, to attain these levels of mastery, one must allow oneself the freedom to explore as much as possible along with the freedom to make mistakes. To turn these mistakes into stepping stones through the river of learning, our instructors at ULA are eagerly waiting for you to reach out.


Enroll today and get rolling on this joyous path, gathering skills on the way.


Happy drawing!